About Us

We are an Application development company who will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

We’ll turn your visions into success and make sure you enjoy doing it. More than just developers, we can help you with the full catalogue of business set-up tasks, taking just a kernel of an idea and making it happen - while you sit back and relax, or be more involved, the choice is yours!


Abdulelah Al-Attiyah

Co-founder, CEO

Abdulelah is the co-founder at Voosh and responsible for executive decision, company direction and investment relations.


He also serves as Relationship Manager at the corporate department QNB Finansbank, is a partner in Al-Attiyah Motor and Trade and the CEO of QPlast.


Sep Pourtaymour

Co-founder, CTO

Sep is the co-founder of Voosh and is responsible for Technological and operational decisions. During his career he has been involved in the development of four start-ups, two of which have been within the tech space where Sep’s passion is rooted.


Since graduating from the University of London, Sep has been interested in Augmented Reality, the potential it has to change the world and how companies will implement it to bring about change in the future.


Working on high profile projects within the application industry with organisations such as, My5, BBC and Sony. Sep has developed a strong understanding for how tech can be implemented with an emphasis on security and privacy.


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